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Fees – patient information

There are two parts to fees charged to insurers or patients directly, if they are self funding.

Professional fees are charged by specialists for consultation, examination and procedures carried out during an outpatient consultation.

The cover provided by private medical insurers varies widely, depending on the type of policy. Many policies have an excess, which is the responsibility of the patient to pay, either to their insurer, or directly to the specialist, depending on the insurance company.

Hospitals and clinics charge provider fees for use of equipment, local anaesthetic drugs, blood tests and other services and instruments provided by the hospital.

It is always advisable to ensure you are aware of the cover your insurance provides or the estimated charges, if you are self-funding your care.

Professional fees

Consultant professional fees are charged at levels agreed by all major private medical insurers as usual and customary.

Patients who are self-funding their treatment or have less than comprehensive health insurance cover are advised to confirm charges prior to their appointment.


These range from £125 to £235 for a patient consultation and examination, depending on whether it is a new patient consultation or a follow-up consultation. The charges are within fee scales agreed with private medical insurers.

Patients who have not been seen for 12 months or longer will generally be given a new patient appointment.

Consultant procedure fees

Consultants make charges agreed with private medical insurers in addition to the consultation charges for procedures performed on an out patient basis.

These range from £91 (plus consultation fee) for examination of the ear(s) with microscopy and/or suction clearance of the ears to £170 (plus consultation fee) for fibre optic endoscopic examination of the throat (flexible laryngoscopy) with local anaesthetic.

Patients attending for regular, routine microscopic suction clearance of wax from their ears are charged a reduced rate of £135 for this service, plus the provider fee for disposable instruments.

Provider charges also apply to procedures carried out in clinics.

Bupa no longer reimburse charges for hearing tests carried out by consultants. If you are insured with Bupa, your options are to pay the hearing test charges as a separate invoice yourself, or for your consultant to arrange hearing testing with an audiologist. Bupa will reimburse your fees for audiologist hearing testing if your ENT consultant has referred you to the audiologist.

Patients who are self-funding or have less than comprehensive health insurance cover are advised to confirm charges prior to their appointment.

Provider procedure fees

Private medical insurers also reimburse providers (clinics and hospitals) at agreed rates for the use of equipment for procedures.

This fee covers purchase and replacement costs of equipment. It also covers provision of the equipment, decontamination, maintenance and calibration of equipment and the use of disposable instruments and local anaesthetic drugs.

Patients who are self-funding or have less than comprehensive health insurance cover are advised to confirm charges prior to their appointment.

Further information

Consultant fees – contact Clair Richardson, Practice Manager:
01372 275161 option 4

Ashtead Hospital:
01372 221400

Spire St Anthony’s Hospital
020 8337 6691

Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital
01483 555800

Payment of invoices

Consultant invoices
Prompt settlement of consultant and provider invoices is appreciated.

If you have a medical insurance policy which carries an excess or only part covers your treatment, please contact your medical insurer for details on how to settle your invoice. Many insurers will pay their portion of the fees and send you a payment slip to pay the balance or excess to the consultant directly.

Please make cheques for consultant fees payable to Mr P J Robb

Please make cheques for provider fees payable to the provider (e.g. Ashtead Hospital, St Anthony’s Hospital, Nuffield Guildford Hospitals)

Preferred settlement of consultant invoices is by cheque, postal order or cash in pounds Sterling. Patients may also make payment by bank transfer.

Contact Clair Richardson, (01372 275161 option 4) for further details.

If payment remains outstanding, and no payment is received following a reminder invoice, formal debt collection proceedings will be instituted. This may affect your personal credit rating.

If you have difficulties settling your invoice, please contact Clair Richardson. (01372 275161 option 4).

Provider invoices

 If your insurer does not settle your invoice, you will be invoiced to settle your account.


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